Exotica Kebaya 2015

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What a wonderful night.

Friday, January 30th 2015,

My group Tofam and i were dating (cihuy) in one of many malls in Surabaya, that's Royal Plaza. That day was Toto's birthday so we decided to get lunch in there. After all of the opaque things had done, we were separated to go home. Yuci and me decided to walk for an hours for shopping and suddenly i realized about an event in Royal. I saw on the announcement and there was a kebaya illustration category. Wow. I thought i want it, then i wrote the CP on my phone. The next day, i invited my dad to acompany me to ask about it. Then i registered my self. Okay. i had a month to the competition.
Then......... Saturday, April 18th 2015,

Finally the day was coming. I went to Royal Plaza at 1 p.m by the information. But in reality i had to wait for 2 hours. I went there by myself, alone huhu:( but it didn't matter. And the theme was told at the start: Kebaya KutuBaru Modifikasi. Okay i knowed the. With no table i started to illustrate my creation. Until 2 hours, finally i finished it. But unfortunately i didn't win yet. Maybe God has other plan for me and maybe i have to do exercise more. But over all, i enjoyed.



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