Never Grow Up

by Sabtu, April 18, 2015 0 komentar
We were a Junior High School student?


Did we remember how memorable are the moments?

The building,

The schoolmate,

The student,

The teacher,

Even the time when we walked into the gate for the first time?

Sometimes people doesn't care about this reminiscences. Even they were just thinking about study, study well, or study hard. Pretend to be a nerds who merely wants to be number one in school. Oh Bud, why so serious? YOLO. yes. You Only Live Once in this world. Why don't you make your life's more meaningful by doing something? Hm, i mean something is a thing that isn't in your comfort zone. Doing something crazy, or maybe something funny and memorable. Oh don't be worry, we can still do the both of them. Because Junior High School is about school, love, friendship, and memories that we can enjoyed in.

Where in people said, JHS's time is the most unforgettable shcool time, JHS's the place where puppy love was spreaded. From 1st grade we were still in geek, then we turned into 2nd grade where many opaque and crazy things we'd did, until when we turneed into 3rd grade finally we had to focus to faced Final Exam called UNAS and because all of the classmate struggles had came together so there were many memorable things we had did together. Yes, it was memorable. Even when we graduated from it. We get older. Or we will be in our oldhood, we're never forget many memories about JHS.

Thanks for all the memorable reminiscences, Rholas!



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