Bestfriend On the Last Obstacle

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"Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light."
-Helen Keller

It has been almost 3 years since we met. Nadia (Ehpen). Puteri (Putek). Arifa. And because of the long time, it’s make me remember all of you. All of those memories, haha that sometimes can make me laugh when i remember it. So Let me recall you and introduce all of you as my close friends to readers at once

Okay, actually I had been knew Putek since 12 years ago precisely when i entered elementary school in the first time. How a long time right? Yes, i was in the same elementary school with Putek. We’re a close friend in that time ‘till one day our relationship strained because of something. And when I knew that Putek and I entered the same junior high school, i was happy. Until we’re on grade 2, Putek, Nadia and i were in the same class. They suggested me to join Karawitan extracurricular and in that time, we knew Arifa as a new student in our class. And since she also joined Karawitan, we were closer as a best friend. Laughting together, sharing, joking, or doing something crazy. Until i suggest a name for our relationship, that’s BOLO (Bestfriend On the Last Obstacle). It’s a little bit weird right? Haha, actually BOLO is a Java language that means ‘friend’ so i just matched it. Hahaha. Unfortunately we’re separated when we were on grade 3, but we’re still best friend. Even we were closer ‘till someday we formed a mini band group and already exercised several times in a music studio. Although we just played with low capability, but the most important thing is the toghetherness, laughter and many crazy little things we did. Until we graduated and we’re separated in each senior high school, we still often meet.

Nadia is a remarkable girl. I learned a lot of things about life from her. She is a girl that will steadfast in her establishment. Independent girl. And she also known as a girl that boned male hahaha, i already prove it. Putek is a mucician. Yes, since i met her in elementary school, she was already prove her talent. And i think Putek is friendly and love to sharing with her friends. While Arifa is a karate girl who could beat anyone who bother her hahaha no, i'm joking. Arifa is a independent girl too. The most i love about her is her simplicity. Arifa is a smart girl who always learned me when i was in trouble. Hahaha.

They aren’t beautiful people, famous or people who loved a lot of people. But for me, they are the ones who can understand me, where they not only know the fun, they’re intelligent people in their field, they are crazy, and they are mine. I hope that we’re still be friends until forevah

BOLO in Photobox:)

Exercise Hahaha.


BOLO in hotel room:)



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